Sunday, February 19, 2006

80Gb external USB drive

USB hard drives plug into the USB port of any PC or Mac. No driver software is needed on the computer. The film content takes just over 20Gb, so there is nearly 60Gb of space for you to use as data backup, or to add more content.

If you want to send me your own USB drive I will copy this data onto it for you and return it promptly. If you don't have a drive and feel you could benefit from having one, I can put you onto a company which sells them for $150 each. You can arrange payment with them and have them send it to me for loading up. Drop me a line if you are interested: Or you can get this information on data DVDs.

This a powerful means of exchanging information. When you have these films on hand, invite some friends over. You can be certain of some lively conversation.

If you have viewed any of these films, please feel free to write a comment in the appropriate section, for others to read - so that it's not only my opinion that is written here :)

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Chris Apr 30: James my friend, this was the best $190 I ever spent.