Monday, February 20, 2006

Democracy at home

1. FEMA detainment camps - 7 mins
Open your mind. This is hard to believe. A home video clip of a large railways yard, that is being rennovated as a people storage facility (for bird flu quarantine??). The female voice over describing what the shakey camera is showing us, is calm and clear, stating what they observe. I'd be interested to hear what you make of it.

2. Election Falsification - 33 mins
How good is the vote counting system? How sure can the people (in this case in the people of the USA) be that the votes are being counted correctly? The basis of a democratic society is in the assumption of one man one vote. If that's not happening, where to from here...?

3. Alex Jones in London - 58 mins
A radio chat host from the United States of America, checks out the state of play in the United Kingdom. He finds that the societys are far from united, in their views of the direction we should be heading.

4. Mouseland - 6 mins
Keith O'Sutherland's Grandfather was Tommy Douglas, an influential politician in Canada. In 1962 he made a speech called Mouseland in which he described some absurbities of the political situation of the day - which is even more pertinent today. Very amusing and on the nail...

5. Voices of Dissent - Trailer to the movie - 8 mins
Dissent: 1. To differ in poinion or feeling; to disagree. 2. To withhold assent or approval. A key issue in some countries today. This film is focused on this issue, as it relates to the freedom or ability of dissenting voices to be heard in American society today.

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