Saturday, March 25, 2006

Terrorism, coalition style

1. The Doctor, DU and Dying Children - 53 mins This was screened at a Sunday late night slot last year, and a few people saw it. This copy has a couple of TV ads still in it (sorry), but the message is clear - there is a nuclear war raging in Iraq (Yes, still at the time of this posting - the largest air attack yet took place just a few days ago). This film documents some of the effects of the hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium on the civilian population. Where is the outrage! If you research depleted uranium with any degree of thoroughness you will find conflicting stories about its effects and impact. The information presented in this documentary will clarify some of it for you.

2. Pilger - Truth and Lies - 51 mins
"Just as we and our coalition partners are doing in Afghanistan, we will bring the Iraqi people food, and medicines and supplies and freedom" Such a heartfelt statement, spoken with emotion and 'sincerity' - oh dear, how is it possible that our leaders can be so blatant in their lies, and we so gullible as to allow these words to give us permission to turn our backs on the horrors which would follow such fine words.

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