Saturday, March 25, 2006

Big picture understanding

1. We - the unauthorised - 64 mins
An anonomous masterpiece. Taking audio and video footage of Arundhati Roy's Come September speech. This film combines music and deeply moving images to support her words. It is constructed in such a way as to give lots of breathing space to feel her message in its fullness. For links and praise of this film:

2. Noam Chomsky - Imperial Grand Strategies - 51 mins
A stand up talk at a University in the USA. If you havent read "Hegemony or Survival" by Chomsky, then here's your chance to catch up on the general themes of that revelation.

3. Harold Pinter - Art, Truth and Politics - 46 mins
No holds barred criticism of war and the foreign policy of leading governments. This was Pinter's acceptance speech for his Nobel Peace prize. A clear background to some of the events leading to the present world situation. Highly recommended.

4. Human Conflict
- 39 mins
Invaluable knowledge from anthropologists and conflict resolution specialists that points the way to a more peaceful planet. Informative interviews, music, and images collide in a brand new genre of filmmaking.

5. New World Order - Alex Jones - 60 mins
I'll let this speak for itself. A few shocking revelations, that are not conspirancy, but well documented facts from major news sources - in case you still consider the corporate controlled media is giving you a fair and balanced view of events.

6. Who is the WTO - Noam Chomsky - 8 mins
A clear description of this very secret organisation - have you ever seen a list of the names of the people who make the decisions. Have you or anyone you know, ever voted to decide who should run such a powerful body? Well it's time to think.

7. Histories Hidden Engine - 90 mins (in 6 parts)
A curious research documentary, making links between patterns in nature, and social and economic trends. At first it talks about social moods, trends in movies and the stock market. The subsequent focus on stock market trends seems a little overkill, but the link to nature and nature's patterns makes social moods seem more predictable.

8. Elisabet Sautharis - approx 60 mins
A lengthy presentation from a evolutionary biologist, who makes it possible to grasp some difficult but liberating concepts.

9. Iraq Iran - USD or Euro - 45 mins
A deeper look at the motives behind the conflict behind the War against Iraq. Simon Reeve from The Dossier, a UK documentary maker, travelled to the US to interview key figures and journalists. A worthy watch if you need to better understand the issues which are not often addressed.

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Steve Page: I received the DVD you sent yesterday (big-picture-understanding!) Started watching it, it's really good.