Monday, March 20, 2006

Open your eyes

1. Despotis 1946 - 10 mins
Encylopedia Britannica films. I wonder if they still stand by this definition, because its an indictment of some well known international governments, who could be quite offended by the clarity and descriptions that point out the differences between democracy and fascism.

2. Earth 06 2004 - 50 mins
A month of world events condensed into a pulse pounding 50 minute global tour. Guaranteed to be quite unlike anything that you have seen before. Ever. On a personal note, this film was a pivotal point in my exploration - it caused me to ask more and specific questions, that resulted in a better understanding of the world we live in.

3. Fourth World War, Alex Jones - 17 mins
Alex Jones is a man on a mission. He is determined to bring forth information that is not being talked about in mainstream circles. This is a sit down monologue, but don't dismiss it based on that description, it is full of thought provoking facts, which can be verified with a little research.

4. Is Bush wired - 35 secs
You'll want to watch this one a few times :-)

5. Orwell rolls in his grave
- 50 mins
"We falsely think of our country as a democracy when it has evolved into a mediocracy." The film is very poor quality, but the content is invaluable, and presented around the Orwell novel 1984. Can lies become truth? Lot's of hard truths in this little gem.

6. The War Party (BBC)
- 49 mins
This is a story about people who want the world run their way. The candid statements that Steve Bradshaw's gentle questioning draws from a number of Neo Conservatives, will leave you gobsmacked - and maybe a little scared.

7. UNN Undercurrents News Network - 64 mins
Media activists are serving an important role in bringing us news from all corners of the globe, using current and historic footage on all manner of subjects, this collage of short stories will make you stop and think. Their copyright statement is a shining example expressing the importance of the free flow of information:
  • Undercurrents licences this work, including its soundtrack for much more than private home use. Unless otherwise expresses all rights to go out and change the world are granted. The definition for home use includes the use of these motion pictures at locations such as hospitals, prisons, schools, hotels, oil rigs and student unions. Any unauthorised exhibition, renting, editing, diffusion, lending, projecting, public performance, and community broadcast of this work is actively encouraged unless its for commercials or corporate gain. However the sale of this cassette or disc are the only funds enabling us to produce the next compilation of inspiring activism. So if you are going to copy it and pass it on, please send us a donation to enable us to keep producing . . . etc.

8. Why we fight (BBC) - 99 mins
When President Eisenhower retired (1960) he gave a farewell address that asked the US citizens to look at the war machine which had been created to that point. "The conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry" was new at that time, and Eisenhower warned his citizens of its grave implications. Thus the story starts and leads on from there, to dig deeply into the realreasons why war is still raging across the planet.

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