Saturday, March 25, 2006

We, the people

1. Economic Democracy - 30 mins Describes a new socio economic theory called the Progressive Utulisation Theory or PROUT. PROUT is an alternative to the outmoded capitalist and communist socio-economic paradigms. Neither of these approaches have adequately met the physical, mental and spiritual needs of humanity. PROUT seeks a harmonious balance between economic growth, social development, environmental sustainability, and between individual and collective interests. It combines the wisdom of spirituality with a universal outlook and the struggle for self-reliance.

2. Maleny Cooperatives - 27 mins
A small town in Queensland, Australia has built a reputation for it large number of cooperatives - from food stores to a bank, from nightclubs to a workers cooperative dedicated to creating new businesses. This town is a shining example of a growing self-reliance.

Alternative Economics - 39 mins
Want to see where in the world complimentary currencies have been established and are functioning sucessfully? This film made me punch the air with affirmation that we, the people, do not have to surrender to the madness of the banking system we have grown to assume is "just the way it is."

4. Hong Kong - 10 mins
A short but uplifting story about a cooperative business which recycles basic goods through a number of community owned shops, and thereby making them available to people who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

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