Sunday, February 19, 2006

911 Research

1. 9/11 and the American Empire David Ray Griffin - 81 mins
On 18 April 2005, 450 people gathered at the University of Wisconsin, Madison for an event hosted by the newly formed Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance.

This is a film of that talk. In it David Ray Griffin, a leading and respected Christian Theologian, describes the present understanding (held by many) of what actually happened on that day.

He also made it clear what growing numbers of that countries leaders think about their country’s government, military and media.

He carefully covers all the points of view held by different portions of the American (and global populations). No matter what your understandings are about the events of this date, or what your view of the current politics and military of any country are, you are likely to find them reflected here. You may also find yourself being gently stretched to see the events from other persepectives.

In case you wanted to persue this subject further after watching this film, here is the complete transcript of David Ray Griffin’s talk, complete with footnotes.

Loose Change 2nd Edition - 81 mins
The first edition was great, the second is even better. The young person speaking to the images and information presented in this video is calm and clear. He offers information that is worthy of your consideration if you are seeking the truth about the events of the day. This film will leave you in the healthy place of having many unanswered questions.

3. Pentagon Strike - 8 mins
A simple presentation of the facts that have not been satisfactorily answered, about this particular "attack" on that day we will all remember. The question is: what story will we remember?

See also Michael Ruppert's Denial Stops Here in Peak Oil and more.


Viewer comments said...

I've been thinking a bit more about weather the Bush administration could have possibly had a hand in Sep 11, and I have come to the conclusion it's highly unlikely. Over the decades prior to 9-11, the US has involved itself in numerous wars, self gain usually being the motivation. I guess some of the more sinister conflicts have evaded public protest because US media coverage has either been so minimal or one-sided that they have slipped past the public radar - but most of the time public protest is minimal and if it does exist (eg.Vietnam) it is ignored anyway.

Seeing as Bush was voted into office in the first place, it is safe to assume that in 2001, Americans were fairly happy with the direction of their country’s foreign policy (after all, during his campaigning, Bush made no bones about the fact that he was going to crank up the aggressive-ness dial on his foreign policy switchboard) Therefore, I believe that even if 9-11 had not happened, Bush could have perused his policies and removed the Teleban, and Suddam, with some degree of public support and without an excuse which created vast amounts of public fear and confusion like 9-11.

To add to this, the amount of people who would have had to be involved in the planning and carrying out of an attack like this would have had to be vast, and the likelihood of one of them squeaking highly likely. And how could someone as stupid as Bush pull this off anyway? That’s my five cents today James!

James Samuel said...

Hi Chris, my sense is that the concept of a ruling elite is a hard one for many people to understand or accept. But even a little bit of study of history will reveal that there have always been groups of powerful people who use their educational advantage, knowledge, or in some case brute strength, to manipulate affairs for their own end.

Bush is just a distraction, from those who pull his strings. I dont purport to know what they have over him, to ensure he follows the directions he is given, and its not important.

It feels to me that we are living in a time when those with vested interests are in an unseemly hurry (to borrow Arunhadti Roy's words). Those people around Bush appear to be making the most of the last days of our current form of civilisation to aquire unimaginable wealth at the cost of human lives and the environment (which will result in more loss of human life in the future).

Its time for a change.