Monday, February 20, 2006


1. Environment - Bill Maher - 4 mins
Bill is an American comedian with a message. In this one he is serious.

2. Global Dimming - BBC
- 50 mins
If you are waiting for the "significant impacts" of Global Warming, before making changes in the way you live, check this out. It seems we are not feeling the full impact of Global Warming, but we will when the impacts that are presently hidden, literally by the dirty petroleum filled air begins to clear... ignore at your peril.

3. The Daily Show on Alaska
- 2 mins
The insanity that goes on at the top, is clear in this clip from comedian John Stewart.

4. Nourishing Earth 1 & 2 - 110 mins
Here are a number of people from different countries, who are dedicated to food production solutions that we might appreciate when the oil runs out.

5. Drop into the Ocean - 10 mins
From Greenpeace comes a visually stunning promotion of the concept of Sea Reserves, where we can protect the ocean from exploitation and save it for future generations.

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