Monday, March 20, 2006

Nuclear & Depleted Uranium

1. Nuclear Explosions
7 short clips, in case you wonder what a Nuclear explosion loooks like and when this madness began.

2. Nuclear Coverups - 18 mins
Chris Busby describes some of the work he has been doing to bring Nuclear dangers to the attention of the public and describing various cover ups which have occurred in recent years.

3. Nuclear Denial in the UN
- 50 mins
Begins with footage of very young and radiated Chernobyl children, telling it like it is. Then the film moves quickly into descriptions from professionals who have had direct experience of working in the United Nations. The reality is that the World Health Organisation and the UN is hamstrung by the powerful self interests of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). As pointed out the cost of buying scientists to tell the story the IAEA want to promote, is cheap.

4. Sellafield - 25 mins
A Welsh TV programme (subtitled) covering the children's illnesses, local statistics and the studies done on the effects of living close to a Nuclear power plant. It's good to see what work some persistent souls are doing to bring this information to the fore.

5. The Doctor, DU and Dying Children - 53 mins
This was screened at a Sunday late night slot last year, and a few people saw it. This version has a couple of TV ads still in it (sorry), but the message is clear - there is a nuclear war raging in Iraq (Yes, still at the time of this posting - the largest air attack yet took place just a few days ago). This film documents some of the effects of the hundreds of tonnes of depleted uranium on the civilian population. Where is the outrage! If you research depleted uranium with any degree of thoroughness you will find conflicting stories about its effects and impact. The information presented in this documentary will clarify some of it for you. (This documentary is not numbered in this listing, as it is only cross referenced here. It is contained in the directory Terrorism coalition style)

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