Saturday, March 25, 2006

Window on Iraq

1. Beyond Iraq and a Hard place - 49 mins British comedy, with its expected dose of healthy satire.

2. Soldier, where do you go - 8 mins
A music video, that puts things in perspective. Some clever juxtapositions - such as the gas guzzling SUV with the "Support Our Troops" stickers on it.

3. Fallujah - 27 mins
Images from Vietnam
backed with 60's music, recalling the use of Napalm. And now here it is in Iraq. Yes, it comes under the name "White phosphorous." Includes footage you wont find on CNN.

4. Iraq commentary - 8 mins
Dahr Jamall has spent a total of 8 months in Iraq as only one of a few independent US journalists in the country. Here he speaks to an audience in the US, and tells the side of the story you wont hear in mainstream news.

5. Massacre of civilians in Iraq - 1 min
This appears to be a military recording I can only assume was smuggled out.

6. Operation Truth - 9 mins
A US Army reserve speaks on TV about his experience and what he saw.

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