Thursday, June 15, 2006

Peak Oil and More

1. Peak Oil Imposed by Nature - 30 mins
Takes a look at the causes and consequences of Peak Oil, with a focus on the UK. Presented by Colin Campbell, founder of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. Punchy, professional and compelling.

2. The Power of Community - 59 mins
When Cuba's oil imports reduced by 50% and their economy crashed over a two week period in 1989 it put Cuba into a state of shock. There were frequent blackouts in its oil-fed electric power grid, up to 16 hours per day. The average daily caloric intake in Cuba dropped by a third... So Cubans started to grow local organic produce out of necessity, developed bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers as petrochemical substitutes, and incorporated more fruits and vegetables into their diets. Since they couldn't fuel their aging cars, they walked, biked, rode buses, and carpooled. This film offers inspiration and hope, it is a solutions based film for people who see what's coming, but are not sure how to respond. My advice: think about where your food is going to come from in the coming years.

3. Denial Stops Here - 120 mins
This is probably the most comprehensive presentation of information, which ties together many different elements in the global picture, of where we are and what we might expect. Michael Ruppert has been making geo-political predictions for a couple of decades and is on the mark way more often than not. Topics covered: 911 and its coverup, Peak Oil, Global Warming, The War in Iraq, Economic Turmoil and the (US) housing bubble, Africa, South America, China (wowee zowee!), Permaculture, sustainability and community reliance. I recommend watching it with friends!

4. Dr Peter Lloyd (NZ) - 90 mins
It is refreshing to have a NZ voice, telling us their considered view on matters of importance. In this case Dr. Peter Lloyd, a registered aneathetist has done some considerable research and come to the conclusion that we are in for big changes in the very near future. He is filmed giving a lecture, on climate change, resource depletion, the extinction of most species on the planet, desertification, and more. No apologies here.


James Samuel said...

I have Simon's copy of The End of Suburbia, if anyone wants to borrow it.

I have a copy of Denial Stops Here, if anyone wants it. And so does Derek: waihekeblue [at]

I have a copy of The Power of Community, if anyone wants it. And so does Derek: waihekeblue [at]

James Samuel said...

My copy of Dr Peter Lloyd's lecture has also been lent to Derek (see above).

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