Friday, April 01, 2005

More key titles

More titles I would like to include, but due to copyright restrictions am unable to.

Outfoxed - 77 mins
In case you still think the mass media is serving your best interest, think again. This professionaly researched and documented film lays out the facts, clearly and directly. It will change the way you look at TV and the newspapers.

This is what Democracy looks like - 68 mins
Filmed by 100 media activists. Some shocking footage of the fierce resistance put up by both activists against a global economy (Seattle, 1999), and by the World Trade Organisation backed by para military. The film title points to both these aspects of reality - the fact that in a "democratic" state, peaceful demonstration against a global force such as the WTO is unacceptable, and the fact that people (in this case people with passion arguing against the direction the world is going) can organise themselves along democratic lines - without a single leader - and be effective.

The 4th world war - 76 mins
From the front-lines of conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, 'the North' from Seattle to Genova, and the 'War on Terror' in New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq. It is the story of men and women around the world who resist being annihilated in this war. While our airwaves are crowded with talk of a new world war, narrated by generals and filmed from the noses of bombs, the human story of this global conflict remains untold. "The Fourth World War" brings together the images and voices of the war on the ground. It is a story of a war without end and of those who resist. The product of over two years of filming on the inside of movements on five continents, "The Fourth World War" is a film that would have been unimaginable at any other moment in history. Directed by the makers of "This Is What Democracy Looks Like" and "Zapatista", produced through a global network of independent media and activist groups, it is a truly global film from our global movement.

Road to Guantanamo - 90 mins
This is a graphically reconstructed documentary. It's hard to imagine how I found myself wondering how I would cope with the abuse that was piled on these british citizens in their ordeal - from which they were eventually released, without compensation or apology. Can be downloaded for a fee from here.

The End of Suburbia - 77 mins
Peak oil and where it could end. We have been skipping along, covering more and more farmland with suburban concrete and asphalt, fences and malls. It was even encouraged and lobbied for (not always fairly) by the greed of those who sought to make more money, faster. When this ends it might not look pretty. To purchase go here.

The world according to Bush
- 92 mins
This is a talking heads film from both sides of the fence. Candid interviews carefully edited tell the story of who is behind the policies.

Poison DUst
- 84 mins
Lot's of personal stories from US soldiers and their wives, showing birth defects that are not only happening in Iraq, but in the US and the UK as well. This is the story of Depleted Uranium. See also Doctor DU and Dying Children (in "Terrorism Coalition Style").

The future of food - 90 mins
Corporate take over of food production may not lead in the direction we would choose to go - if we had a say.The film looks at the legal insanity that allows farmers to be taken to court and sued by the legal system as it rules in favour of Genetically Modified seed stock producers like Monsanto. But it is also a success story of one Californian county that has to some degree, kept GM foods at bay.

McLibel - 52 mins
The ultimate David and Goliath story of a man and a woman living in the UK. They are out of work and fighting MacDonald's policys of abuse to workers, irresponsibility regarding people's health, and self promotion as a good corporate citizen. These two take on the giant who keeps them in the court system for about three years after taking out a Libel case against them. Heart warming and encouraging.

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